Vehicle Titling

A​ Title is a legal document, establishing a person or business as the legal owner of a vehicle or vessel. When a vehicle or vessel is sold from one citizen or business to another in Kentucky, the title must be transferred to the new owner within 15 days.

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KY title transfers

  1. Original title
  2. Photo ID for buyer and seller
  3. Social security numbers for all new owners
  4. Kentucky insurance policy for the vehicle being transferred in new owner(s) name
  5. All liens must be satisfied prior to transfer or must be accompanied by an original title lien statement with an ORIGINAL signature from the lender.
  6. Any delinquent taxes for the purchaser(s) must be satisfied before the transfer can be completed.
  7. Any delinquent taxes on the vehicle in question must be paid before the transfer can be completed.
  8. If more than one seller on title with “AND”, must have both signatures
  9. Title lien statement if applicable
  10. Specialty plates are nontransferable, a $3 charge will be applied to change the plate.
    • $17 title fee
    • 6% road usage tax on the purchase price
    • $22 lien filing fee if applicable

Title only transfers

  1. Original certificate of title
  2. No insurance needed, but the plate must be surrendered to the clerk at the time of transfer
  3. Any delinquent taxes for the purchaser(s) must be satisfied before the transfer can be completed.
  4. Any delinquent taxes on the vehicle in question must be paid.
  5. Photo identification for buyer and seller must be presented
    • *If the seller is not present, their signatures must be notarized prior to bringing the documents to the clerk’s office.
    • $9 title fee
    • 6% road usage tax on the purchase price of the vehicle.

Out of State transfers

  1. Original certificate of title
  2. Kentucky insurance policy on the vehicle being transferred in new owner(s) name.
  3. VIN inspection completed by the Sheriff’s office.
  4. VTR signed and notarized by the seller as well as the back of the title is signed. *If VTR is not signed by the seller and notarized, sales tax will be based upon the full retail value of the vehicle*
  5. Valid photo ID for new owners & social security numbers.
  6. If more than one name on the title with an “AND” for sellers, both signatures required.
  7. If purchased from a dealer in another state, proof of sales tax paid must be provided.
  8. Title lien statement if applicable
    • $9 title fee
    • $21 registration fee (for a standard-issue KY plate)
    • 6% road usage tax
    • $22 lien filing fee if applicable

Limited power of attorney to transfer ownership & disclose mileage

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet prescribes this form for use in vehicle ownership transfer in compliance with KRS186A.215 and KRS 457.030 (4).

Duplicate Title

How to obtain a duplicate title

If the original Motor Vehicle or Boat Certificate of Title has been lost, stolen, or mutilated you may apply for a duplicate title. The duplicate title will void any title previously issued in the state of Kentucky.

  1. Complete a Motor Vehicle Application of Title TC96-182 or Motor Boat Transaction Record TC96-184  (also available in our office)
  2. On the application you must complete the Vehicle/Boat Information Section and Owner/Buyer information. Signature must be notarized.
  3. Mail the completed Motor Vehicle Application or Motor Boat Transaction Record along with $6.00 for each duplicate title requested to the Perry County Clerk’s Office

General Requirements

  • The current owner(s) of the vehicle must apply for duplicate title.
  • If owner is deceased, Probate or Trust papers along with a death certificate must be provided to the Clerk’s Office at time of application. The petitioner, executor, or trustee must be the person applying for duplicate
  • If application is being signed by a Power-of-Attorney, provide a notarized copy of the POA

General Information

If the application is being applied for in person in the Perry County Clerk’s Office, the owner, or person signing for the owner, must appear with a valid picture I.D.

Fees associated with a Duplicate Title

$6.00 – For each duplicate title requested

 A Title Lien Statement TC96-187 must be completed at the time of application. There is a $22.00 lien filing fee.

 If application is made in person, a valid picture ID is required for acceptance of personal checks.

Junking a Kentucky Title

What you’ll need

  1. Original Kentucky Title – On the face of the title the owner must write “JUNKED”, sign and date.
  2. License plate
  3. Payment of any existing property taxes
  4. Affidavit of junk must be signed and notarized

This process prevents future property tax assessments for this vehicle.

Fees associated with Junking a Kentucky Title

$1.00 – Filing Fee

To process ALL Title work by mail, send to:

Perry County Clerk
Attn: Motor Vehicles Dept
PO Box 150 Hazard, KY 41702

 Processing time: Please allow 3 to 4 business days after receipt of application for processing. If there was a lien on the vehicle and the loan has been paid off, contact our office to see if the lien has been released. If the loan has been paid in full, but the lien has not been released by our office, you must obtain a Title Lien Statement TC96-187E from your lien holder. A security interest (lien holder) may be added by noting it in the proper area of the application.

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