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The Perry County Clerk’s Office offers several options for vehicle renewal.  

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 Drivers Licensing questions call Circuit Clerk (606) 435-6000 or (606) 435-6002

Look up Vehicle Taxes

Can’t remember how much you paid in vehicle tax last year?  Use the link below to enter the VIN number on your vehicle.

Motor Vehicle Fees

  • Motor Vehicle Renewal: $21 (base amount, specialized plate fees vary)
  • Motor Vehicle Renewal of plates greater than 10,000lbs: Varies by Weight
  • Motor Vehicle Transfer: $17
  • Motor Vehicle Title Only: $9
  • Title Lien Statement: $22, add $2.00 if lien date is 30 days or more
  • Permanent Handicap Placard: $0 for the first placard and $10.00 for an optional 2nd placard
  • Temporary Handicap Placard: $0
  • Duplicate Title Fee: $6
  • Duplicate Registration Fee: $3


Before purchasing a rebuilt vehicle, please keep these few tips in mind…

  • You can do some research before purchasing a rebuilt vehicle by obtaining a vehicle history report and having the vehicle inspected by a mechanic.
  • Be aware that it may be difficult to obtain a loan or insurance for rebuilt vehicles.
  • Understand that motorists driving a rebuilt vehicle back to the state where a junk title was originally issued run the risk of the vehicle being confiscated if stopped by law enforcement.
  • Realize that rebuilt vehicles cannot be sold to consumers in most other states in the U.S.


  1. Submit your existing Kentucky title to the clerk to be converted into a salvage title. ($9)
    * Vehicle plate must be surrendered at this time and the vehicle can not be driven until the rebuild process is completed. Salvage title will be received by mail in 5-7 business days.
  2. The clerk will provide you with a packet of information including the forms necessary to convert the title into a rebuilt vehicle.
  3. Once you have completed all forms necessary, you may submit these documents along with the salvage title you received by mail to the County Clerk to be emailed to the department of transportation, or you may hand-deliver them to the rebuilt section of motor vehicles in Frankfort.
  4. You will then be notified either by mail or by phone once an agent from the motor vehicle department has approved your paperwork.
  5. You will then visit our office with your proof of insurance to apply for the new title and plate for your vehicle.
  * New title branded REBUILT will be received by mail in approximately 2 weeks

Before purchasing any motor vehicle, make certain that the current owner can provide a valid title for the vehicle. Be sure to verify that the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) matches the number reflected on the title. This number is typically located on the dashboard on the driver’s side and is usually visible through the windshield. If these numbers do not match, insist that the discrepancy be corrected or do not complete the transaction.

Contact Info


481 Main Street, Suite 102
Hazard, KY 41701

(606) 436-4614

(606) 439-0557

Office Hours


8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Payments Accepted:

Accepted methods of payment are cash, money order, cashier check, and personal checks. We accept Visa, Discover, AMX or MasterCard.

Please be advised that the use of a debit is $2.50 and credit card will incur a vendors' fee of 2.75% of the total amount of the transaction.


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